lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2013

Nueva Emisora en OC: Radio Progreso en los 4765 Khz

Al parecer una nueva emisora cubana transmitira por OC, Radio Progreso en los 4765 Khz, quizas sea un relay de la actual emisora que emite alla en Cuba u otra transmision. Radio Progreso transmitira con 50 kw en los 4765kHz desde las 0030 hasta las 0400 UTC. 

aqui la fuente:

While listening to Arnie Coro on "DXers Unlimited" via Radio Havana Cuba on 5040kHz at 0520 UTC today, he gave details of a new Cuban experimental shortwave operation starting Tuesday 1 October. 
Radio Progreso, Programa Nacional will operate with 50kw on 4765kHz from 0030 till 0400 UTC. 
This means 3 shortwave operations from Cuba on 60 metres - the 100kw sender on 5040 that RHC uses for English to 0600 UTC, the 50kw Radio Rebelde on 5025 which I think is 24 hours, and the new Radio Progreso on 4765, also with 50kw. 
I hear Radio Progreso from time to time on MW frequencies 640 and 890. They play great Latin music! Arnie mentioned the and there's an audio stream there if you click on the headphones in the header. 
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